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Rabbits are gaining in popularity as pets, particularly in the inner suburbs! Its important to have a veterinary team that know bunnies to help you and your furry friend get the most out of life together! We have a very experienced team (especially Dr Tina) who love bunnies and all their unique little quirks.  

Why You Should Visit an Experienced Rabbit Vet

Due to their unique physiology, rabbits require a gentle experienced hand to perform their anaesthetics and procedures.

Few veterinary practices are equipped for the surgical requirements of rabbits. Our practice is prepared for all types of lapine surgical procedures, including; diagnostic imagery, intubation, and pain management.


As prey-animals rabbits are great at hiding symptoms of illness or injury. This can make it tricky to spot problems before they become serious. An experienced rabbit veterinarian is better equipped to spot problems before they become life-threatening.

Rabbit Health Checks

We recommend that you bring in your rabbit(s) at least twice a year for a health checkup to keep them in tip top shape!

Rabbit Dental Checks

Healthy teeth means a healthy rabbit! Our services include:

    • Malocclusion assessment and management
    • Abscess treatment and management
    • Dental x-ray and Surgery

Rabbit Diet and Gastrointestinal issues

A good diet is crucial to a long life. Come see us for any issues concerning your best friend’s diet.

Female Rabbit Desexing

Help reduce aggression and prevent uterine cancer, which affects 60-80% of female rabbits over 4 years of age whom are not desexed.

Male Rabbit Desexing

Eliminate the risk of testicular cancer, prevent perineal dermatitis as they age, and reduce aggression and spraying.

Grooming and Nail-Trimming

We groom all types of rabbits, including long haired ones! Remember that regular nail trimming helps keep your rabbit happy and healthy.

Eye and Ear Issues

Including weepy eyes and ear infections.

Skin Disease and Parasite Issues

Certain dog and cat products are toxic to rabbits. Chat with us to learn about what is appropriate for your rabbit!

Geriatric Care in Rabbits

Helping to transition into the senior world.

How We Cater to Rabbits in the Practice

  • We always examine rabbits on the ground so that feel more comfortable and are at less risk of injury.
  • We let rabbits get comfortable with the consult room before beginning the examination.
  • We are able to perform dental x-rays for rabbits, as well as provide radiology and blood tests in-house.
  • We are equipped for rabbit-specific anaesthesia delivery, which greatly reduces the risk to your rabbit during surgery.

Why Rabbits Make Great Pets

  • A great option for apartment living, they take up very little space, and don’t create a lot of mess.
  • Very easy and economical to feed.
  • Have very reasonable care requirements, which is perfect for people with busy lives.
  • Are quiet and generally well-behaved.
  • Rabbits can be confined when you are not home to supervise
  • Rabbits are great for gardeners as a source of excellent fertilizer.
  • Eat a purely vegetarian diet.

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